About Us

Fermentation begins with the soil.

We source our vegetables, fruit and honey from the most talented Colorado growers pushing the boundaries of sustainable and bio-nutrient rich food production. We hand select growers who tend the soil by providing it with the minerals it has lost, build humus by applying organic plant matter and house beneficial microbes thorough organic and biodynamic practices. 
Our company puts care and intentionality in sourcing ingredients and in crafting our recipes and you can taste it.

Flavor is an alchemical and traditional art. 

We believe if "good for you" food don't taste good, then it ain't good. After sourcing the best ingredients we work with chefs, foodies, herbalist and homemakers to craft bold, delicious flavors that blends traditional wisdom with the excitement of innovation. We do not have faith in industrial food. So we do not craft it. Every sip. Every bite is a brand new reflection of the unique terroir of the Rocky Mountains and our hand cultivation. We craft edible Jazz. 

Community craftsmanship is key. 

Community is sacred. Traditional fermentation occurred in the framework of community and  still today we honor those practices by creating a teaching space of our kitchen. We work with local organizations and communties of all incomes to ensure that we bring microbes to the people.  Our donation based classes ensure that everyone has access to traditional culinary arts. We build healthy cultures by allowing biodiversity to expresses the highest aspect of itself. Fermented food is soul food. Especially and only if it's crafted with care.  

We are people who care.

The Five Points Fermentation Co. Is a collective of herbalists, chefs chemists, nutritionist, alchemists, food waste warriors, community organizers, musicians, poets, teachers and mothers who give a damn. We're building a movement to transform the food system. From soil to shelf we are challenging ourselves and this economic system to eliminate exploitation. We're organizing as a workers cooperative. Experimenting with new models of profit sharing  and collaboration with our growers. We even treat our microbes as employees that deserve beauty and abundance. We wanna see the food system transformed. And it begins with folks who care. Join us.